Warehousing & Distribution (WMS)

Logsco handles general and cold storage warehousing facilities and manages warehouse / storage and distribution services for leading companies in Malaysia. Logsco consolidates and manages the movement of merchandise to distribution centres and retail outlets domestically, regionally and around the globe. Logsco provides consolidation services that improves reliability and reduces supply chain costs for our customers. Products are picked and packed in accordange with store requirements, palletized and stretch wrapped before loading to containers. These containers, upon arrival at destination, go straight to the stores. Apart from the simple cargo consolidation programs, all the other programs can be so designed to allow unloading at destination  distribtution centres with arrangements for cross dock delivery or direct distribution to retail stores.

These kinds of arrangements give significant cost reduction of distribution at destinations for customers. Some specific services that we have tailored for our partners include:

  • warehouse management
  • consolidation & vendor management
  • receive / sort / segregate cross-docking
  • quality assurance and inspection programs
  • production compliance
  • automated pick & pack operations
  • deconsoildation
  • vendor-managed inventory
  • dedicated contract carriage
  • returns processing (reverse logistics)